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Fancy Lettering Makes My World Go Round


@aninarubio – #TheGoldInitiative

As of late, I can’t get enough of this Instagram account. I absolutely adore her typography style. Watercolours, gold paint, fountain ink…. ahhhh it’s so gorgeous!! Take a gander and see for yourself why I’m obsessed.


5 Instagram Accounts I’m Currently Loving


Because I like to look at pretty things.

1. @garypeppergirl

Escape into the world of Gary Pepper, a realm of vivid colour and endless possibilities.

Eyeliner on point – always.

2. @chiaraferragni

Italian, tiny tattoos, #theblondesaladneverstops, actually.

3. @thehautepursuit

I love that she’s from Vancouver and can rock a silver/ white bob.

4. @kerriehessillustration

Who paints in a white top?!

5. @veeceecheng

Clean, simple, and minimalist.