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Vancouver Mural Festival


Vancouver Mural Festival 1

iHeart + Ola Volo 

Vancouver Mural Festival 2Vancouver Mural Festival 3

Ben Tour

Vancouver Mural Festival 4Vancouver Mural Festival 5

Drew Young + Jay Senetchko

Vancouver Mural Festival 6

Nomi Chi

Make art. Any kind. Any way. Just make it.

I’m so proud to live in Vancouver. On Saturday, August 20th, we celebrated our first Vancouver Mural Festival with over 35 new permanent murals and 40+ featured artists.

This festival served as a reminder that art is not exclusive to museums, galleries or stages. It is everywhere and everything if you just open your eyes. I try my best to create art in my everyday life, from photography and copywriting, to cooking, fashion, and blasting music while dancing around while getting ready in the morning.

How do you create art in your everyday life?