Living with Less



I said in my New Years resolution post that I wanted to live with less. This didn’t just mean stop buying things, but it also meant minimizing and removing things in my life that no longer served me.

Two weeks ago, my family got rid of our 30+ year-old carpeting and replaced it with brand new hardwood floors. This meant that I had to clear everything in my room for the reno guys to do their job. After a brutal evening of removing all the clothes from my closet and the millions of forgotten knick-knacks under my bed, I was covered in decade old dust and feeling grumpy as hell.

Before I moved into my current room, it belonged to my sister and she was a hoarder. When she moved to Hong Kong, she left most of her childhood belongings in that room, hidden out of sight, slowly collecting dust – until now. Over the past two weekends, I’ve donated a total of eight bags of clothes/ stuffed animals as well as three bags of paper recycling full of old magazines. I completely reorganized my drawers and tossed anything that wasn’t serving a purpose anymore. Things that hold sentimental value have been cut down to the bare minimum. At the end of the day, I’m much happier with the memory than the material object.

No longer do I feel weighted down by material possessions. Everything in my room now serves a purpose. I believe this way of thinking is key to my ideal nomadic lifestyle. I feel so liberated.



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