Soul Food: The Moral Bucket List


Michael O. Synder | Breathing Life

The stumbler doesn’t build her life by being better than others, but by being better than she used to be. Unexpectedly, there are transcendent moments of deep tranquillity. For most of their lives their inner and outer ambitions are strong and in balance. But eventually, at moments of rare joy, career ambitions pause, the ego rests, the stumbler looks out at a picnic or dinner or a valley and is overwhelmed by a feeling of limitless gratitude, and an acceptance of the fact that life has treated her much better than she deserves.

Those are the people we want to be.

A friend recently linked me to this New York Times article, The Moral Bucket List and it really resonated with me. It may be a bit of a lengthy read (damn those short attention spans) but I highly recommend it.  Three thumbs up!

In no way is this article about self-entitled millenials who need a lesson in living life. At any age, you should never stop growing, learning, and experiencing all that life has to offer. The article offers you quick lessons on humility, self-defeat, learning to ask for help, energizing love, attitudes of gratitude, and most importantly overcoming your mental barriers.

Stop chasing happiness, just be.



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