Last Week Tonight: 23rd Birthday & Last Day of Classes


Huzzah! Last Friday on the April 3rd I turned 23 years old. This past year has been phenomenal. Between backing Europe, getting my first ‘big girl job’, and launching Epicentr Academy, it’s going to be a tough year to beat. But hey, I love a challenge.

I want the world to know that I have the best girlfriend in the world, Nimi absolutely spoiled me. First I made her wake up at 6:30am to go to Creative Mornings (the BEST way to start any day), then the Plenty warehouse sale and afterwards brunch at my fave digs Catch 122. After that we spent a lazy afternoon exploring Lonsdale Quay Market. Eating chocolate while watching stormy Raincouver. In the evening, all my best girlies met up at Guu Gastown and then topped off the night at Portside. Let me tell you, it was a full day of indulgences and I was beyond happy. Thanks, babes! <3

This was also the week where all my classes wrapped up. Hands down EDUC 355 – Theatre in an Educational Context goes down as one of my favourite classes of all time. On Tuesday evening for 4 hours, our class of 30 would just meet up to play. Seriously, we played drama games, role played, taught each other lesson plans, did improv – and the best part was that I got 4 credits for this!!! I’m going to miss my EDUC 355 fam jam. Also, for our last day, we decided to get drunk before class so that we would be extra loose for a night of Theatre Sports. It was superb, I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. ;)



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