#OrangeTravels: Barcelona


Ah, Barcelona: overcrowded, super-touristy, ultra commodified and yet it still holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourite cities. I had been travelling inland for several weeks now and had a deep yearning to be near the water and the mountains again (I mean, I am from Vancouver). I found this spot overlooking the beaches, climbed over the railings, dangled my legs over the edge and watched the waves crashing against the concrete blocks below – I had found my happy place.

One of my absolute favourite things about any city is their markets. I live for markets. There I can sample a whole range of “local” foods/ drinks at a fairly cheap price. At their famous Boqueria Market, I found fresh seafoods, pastries, mountains of cheap fruits and veggies and 1 Euro juices! This was a city of indulgence.

I stayed at the Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia hostel which I 100% recommend. Some of the best and friendliest staff who took the time to show me all the hidden spots within the city. Super cool lounge area with a indoor skate park, topped with nightly drinking games and bar crawl every night, this hostel had partying down to a science.

Normally I’d write more but honestly, most of the trip was spent wandering every inch of the city, checking out the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, burning my ass at the beach, and a whole lot of self-reflection.



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