#OrangeTravels: Madrid, Spain


Hola! Enter the world of sangria, tapas, and gypsy pickpockets. After Portugal, I exchanged my “obrigada” for “gracias” and hit up Spain.

I stayed at Las Musas Hostel where for the majority of my 3 day stay, I met and hung out with a bunch of cool hostel folk from all parts of the globe. There was England, Aussie, India , USA, Kiwi, Scotland, and of course, Canadian. We did walking tours, bar crawls, and visited the Egyptian Temple of Debod to see the sunset. I just remember everywhere we went, liquor was the same price of water so I was downing sangria like so.

I was there on a Sunday which meant that the Museum of National Treasures, Renia Sofia had free admission. Booyah! I was travelling on a strict student budget so any means of saving money was taken advantage of.

Honestly, of all the cities I visited, Madrid wasn’t my favourite. It was expensive, not the friendliest, and I felt on-edge the entire time. Our tour guide stressed that gypsy pickpockets were everywhere and work super fast – that didn’t help my anxieties. Don’t take me wrong, it was a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. I was just so heat exhausted that all I wanted to do was sit in the shade and eat a kebab.

After 3 days of wandering around the city and clutching my purse for dear life, I was excited to hop on a bus and head south towards Granada! I had heard so much about that city and it was highly recommended by friends back in Vancouver so it was a no-brainer that I would add it to my itinerary.

Funny thing about travel itineraries, I had one for the first quarter of my trip before I said “fuck it!” and just went wherever I felt like or was recommended by fellow hostel mates. Before I constantly found myself in situations where I had to stay longer than I wanted or leave too early because I had the next flight to catch. People would mention all these amazing cities I never thought of visiting but because I had planned too far in advance, I couldn’t fit it into my itinerary. Finally my “fuck it’s” kicked in and I decided I would only plan no more than 1-2 days in advance to give myself the utmost flexibility possible. Best decision I ever made.



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