#OrangeTravels: Lisbon, Portugal


Cabo de RocaI have nothing but love for Portugal. It was by far one of my favourite countries to travel in. My best girlfriend for life, Nimi who was living in Lisbon during the summer showed me around all the local hotspots, festivals, and bar districts. It was seriously the best two and a half weeks of bliss and beaches.

I started off my adventures in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. I stayed at Nick’s (Nimi’s boyfriend) penthouse apartment that had a killer view of the whole city. One of my favourite memories of that apartment was sitting on the balcony with Nick’s Jungle Juice creation (beer, vodka, sprite, koolaid, orange juice?) and just watched the airplanes come in one by one across the cityscape.

Funny thing about the Portugese, if you want the best view, you gotta work for it. The apartment didn’t have an elevator so on a hot summer afternoon, six floors of narrow winding stairs up to the top meant that you really worked for it.

Lisbon wouldn’t have been the incredible adventure it was if it wasn’t for Nimi being my personal tour guide and Nick for letting me stay at his sweet pad and giving me that authentic, local experience. Obrigada!

What makes Lisbon so beautiful is their love for street art. Where ever we went, there was always be a kickass mural decorating the walls, doors, or even entire buildings. A snapshot of my faves:

But wait, there’s more! The Portuguese adventure continues in Lagos and Porto in the next blog post.



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